Handyman Services:

Cracks, holes, water damage and texture repaired.


Faucets, leaks, toilets, sinks, shower and tub fixtures replaced or repaired. 

Finish Carpentry:

Doors, molding, trim, baseboard and cabinets replaced or repaired. Door and cabinet hardware replaced. 


Thermostats replaced. 


Ceiling fans installed, switches and receptacles replaced, GFCI receptacles installed or replaced, USB receptacles installed and LED lights installed in existing fixtures. 


I can do a variety of tile work, please as for consultation. 


Furniture repair, door thresholds and insulation replaced, appliances replaced and pictures and artwork hung.

Consulting Services:

Review of clients wishes and the feasibility of the improvements they wish to have completed. 

Obtaining Architects, Designers and Engineers to design plans and specifications for work. 

Obtain permit for all necessary work. 

Obtain bids for the work to be performed. 

Obtain quality subcontractors for the work to be performed. 

Construct a schedule for the work to be performed. 

Oversee the work to ensure it is to a professional quality and meets all state and federal standards and codes. 

Create punch-lists for subcontractors.